Marlene Gremillion, March 2014 Featured Artist


Featured artist Marlene Gremillion, a Hot Springs Village, Arkansas resident and charter member of Ouachita River Art Gallery (first president in 1990), enjoys creating and designing in many mediums. Texture is an important role in what she designs which will be visible in her “Mixed Up Variety of Art Exhibit” on display at The River Gallery during the entire month of March. She enjoys working, manipulating, and creating with her hands and experiments to see if she can create a pleasing artistic piece. “I am like a child at play with new toys, having fun, exploring, and dreaming, seeing how far and how long I can go before tiring of the new items.” Marlene is active in the arts and enjoys teaching. She has taught numerous workshops in Arkansas,

Louisiana, and Oklahoma and hopes to expand to other states. Marlene teaches at the National Park Community College in Continuing Education (Hot Springs, AR) and at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock. She is a registered teacher through the Arts on Tour with the Arkansas Arts Council in Little Rock, AR. Marlene is also a signature member of Mid-Southern Watercolorists and Louisiana Watercolor Society. Visit her web site at

The River Gallery, 308 Trenton Street, West Monroe, invites you to come see this special exhibit of Marlene’s work during the entire month of March. When you shop at your local gallery, you not only help our economy by keeping your money in the area, you also save on taxes and shipping. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and boasts over 28 artists whose work isalso on display at the gallery.  Admission is free.


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