Artist Demos

Pet portrait in watercolor by Marlene Gremillion:

2014-07-12 11.54.47-1  2014-07-12 13.36.05  2014-07-12 14.04.19

2014-07-12 14.25.13-1  2014-07-12 17.05.55-1

Jerry Jones spent the weekend working with Jerry Gorum, nationally known bronze sculptor from Glen Mora, Louisiana. Jerry Jones learned about supports, mokettes, and the “ends and outs of the finished piece.” This is Jerry Jones’ sculpture project:

JerryJones1    JerryJones2b  JerryJones3b

Margaret_PelicanCutPaper      Margaret_PelicanCutPaper2 As Featured Artist for August 2014, Margaret

Ellerman states “I decided to do something completely different for me.” In these two images, “I am using “continuous line drawings (or gesture drawings) and collage to create a bit of humor. These are two drawings that I chose for the first collage Pelican Throwdown.”

Margaret_stamps  “Using stick on or foam sheets to make hand stamped and hand decorated papers, I first created many colorfully decorated papers to use as collage sheets. To do this, I used “stick on foam” to make both abstract and realistic original stamps. The shapes on the stamps can both be made by just “free-hand” cutting or by drawing the shapes in marker first, then cutting them off. The backing on the foam can then be peeled off and stuck on a square cut-out piece of foam. Then, using acrylic paint on the stamps, I stamped the shapes in many layers onto deli papers.”


“These are some of the papers I’ve created this month. They will later be torn into pieces and layered onto the painting surface with acrylic gel so that both sides of the paers will be protected by the clear coat of acrylic.”

Margaret_PelicansFinished  “A completed collage for my show: Pelican Throwdown: What’cha Lookin’ at Dude?

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