There are a few things to consider before submitting your artwork for consideration:
1. The River Gallery is a non-profit co-op gallery, and all members must work a full day at the gallery every 4-5 weeks. A member may opt to have another member work for them for a $50/day fee.
2. All members pay $25 each year plus $75 each quarter.
3. All members must work on a committee (gallery, newsletter, website, PR, etc).
4. We change out the gallery every two months, and each member is expected to display at least one new work each change out. Each member is expected to maintain their individual display area.
5. Members are required to attend a majority of meetings each year.
6. Members are required to attend and/or help with special events.
7. Thirty percent of each sale of artwork goes to the Gallery.

After submitting your work for possible membership, your artwork will voted on at the next membership meeting (The River Gallery board meets every other month).

for more information about membership, contact the River Gallery at (318) 322-2380

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