Emily Brodnax, November Featured Artist


“Magnolia” (black & white photography) by Emily Brodnax, November Featured Artist-of-the-Month.

In the current days of digital everything, are there any people out there who remember the joy of watching a black and white photo come up in the tray of a wet darkroom? Well, there is a local pharmacist/photographer/artist who says “I catch myself smiling when it happens.  It is a joy to behold!”

Emily Brodnax, is artist of the month of November at The River Gallery (Ouachita River Art Gallery), on Antique Alley, and her darkroom work is known all over the nation.  Through countless showings and contest wins, her gelatin silver photographs hang from coast to coast.  This particular exhibition has pictures from California to Mississippi, and even Alaska. During shoots in different locals, people will stop to ask about the medium format vintage camera that she carries.  While traveling is a wonderful blessing, some of our local attractions are equally as interesting and picturesque.  For example, a small but lovely waterfall in northeast Louisiana. 

Emily invites you to drop by the gallery through the month of October. Ouachita River Art Gallery is the oldest and largest co-op gallery in the state. We are grateful to the local community for the continued support of the arts in our area. The gallery is at 308 Trenton Street, West Monroe, and is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Admission is always free. Call 322-2380 for more information or visitwww.ouachitariverartgallery.com.