Don Hudnall, August Artist-of-the-Month

dhudnall_justforfun2  donhudnall2

Don Hudnall’s Just for Fun, greenware.

Don (also known as Dirt Dauber) described his work as “his fun.” Being creative and trying new things is his passion, so along those lines, he is trying new things. Perhaps it’s a modification from things he has seen elsewhere.  Perhaps it is a happy accident.  Whatever it is, it is not going to be sets of dishes.  All works created for this show will be totally unique and created “in the moment.”   Don will have cups and mugs available, but each one will be totally unique.  He does admit, however, that the mugs will lean toward his Celtic heritage.  The Celtic Fest scheduled for October 5th at Kiroli Park has been on his mind lately, and it’s leaking out onto his cups and mugs. Intrigued? Stop by the gallery on August 1st during the DAA Art Crawl to meet Don and see his works in person. The gallery will be open during its regular hours and late for the Art Crawl (10am-9pm on August 1). We’ll have live music with guitarist John Farmer. Stop by to meet Don and the other River Gallery artists and hear Don’s gallery talk at 7:00pm.  Don will also be at the gallery from 10am-5pm on Saturday, August 3.

The River Gallery, 308 Trenton Street, West Monroe, invites you to come by and see this special show of Don’s work during the entire month of August. When you shop at your local gallery, you not only help our economy by keeping your money in the area, you also save on taxes and shipping. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check out our workshop table for upcoming art classes. Admission is free. Paintings and photographs  by gallery members can also be seen at ORAG’s extension gallery located in the lobby of Ouachita Independent Bank/Bankers Mortgage Plaza at 18th and Louisville in Monroe. Call 322-2380 for more information.